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U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren met with community and business leaders one recent Saturday morning to learn about
recently announced Brockton business development and housing creation projects in downtown, Brockton.  Chamber
President and CEO Christopher Cooney met with Warren and conveyed the importance of supporting the  redevelopment of Brockton and the positive impact a revitalized city center has on the entire Metro South region. “As Brockton goes, so goes the region. It is important to recognize the correlation between the economic success of the city and the surrounding communities. A stronger Brockton means a more robust economic core to a dynamic and well positioned Metro South Region. It is easy to recognize the many strengths of the region when considered as part of a whole. Public and private colleges and universities, public utilities such as water supply/regional sewer capacity, transportation with direct links to the capital city(Boston) along with abundant health care facilities, a diverse economy and a wonderful skilled workforce all contained in a great location offering real value for property buyers of all types,” said Cooney The Senator toured with Jason Korb, owner of the Station Lofts (25 new housing rental units) and Kenan Bigby of Trinity Development Corporation(mixed use facilities on former “Enterprise” Block).  She also visited John Merian of  Tuxedo’s by Merian and Chairman of the Downtown Brockton Association. Sue Joss, CEO for The Brockton Neighborhood Health Center also toured the Senator around the recently expanded facility.  Mayor Linda Balzotti accompanied the Senator along the tour while introducing several city councilors and elected officials
along the way. The Chamber hopes to host the Senator again this year as part of the Chamber’s Centennial Celebration which will conclude at the Chamber’s 100th Annual Meeting scheduled for November 20, 2013.

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