A History of Success

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A History of Success

"The purpose of this chamber of commerce shall be to promote the commerce, trade, industry and public interest of the city of Brockton and surrounding region; to promote and regulate a commercial exchange; to acquire and disseminate business information; to establish and maintain uniformity in commercial usages; and to promote just and equitable principles of trade." February 14, 1913

In the late 1800s, the expansion of the shoe industry contributed greatly to the region's growth. The development of railroad connections, an internal transportation system, electric street lighting, local newspapers, theaters, schools, concerts, and libraries all contributed to the vitality of the region. Of the 431 factories in Brockton, 91 were shoe-industry related, 68 clothing, 35 metal object manufacturing and 20 produced drugs and medicines. Others manufactured wagons, carriages, machinery, and prepared foods.The tradition of industry and excellence has continued to the present in banking, health care, manufacturing, public services, utilities, media, insurance, real estate, and many other enterprises. A strong work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit have always been present in the Metro South business community and continue today.

January 8, 1897: Founding of the Brockton Board of Trade; precursor to the Chamber of Commerce.

February 14, 1913: Business leaders, recognizing the changing times and the need for greater diversity in the local economy, created the Brockton Chamber of Commerce.

1960s: The Chamber supported master planning and urban renewal and sponsored a citizens' survey that produced many benefits including the Brockton Area Multi-Services Center (BAMSI).

1970s: The Chamber underwent reorganization that added several new divisions with an expanded overall mission.

1980s and 90s: Purchased and renovated the Edison Power Station on School Street. This historic building is now home to the Chamber of Commerce. The building offers meeting space and a Business Assistance Center to further assist the growth of Metro South businesses.

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