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The September 17th primary election results are in and the race for Mayor will be between incumbent Linda Balzotti and Ward 6 School Committee member Bill Carpenter. The Metro South Chamber of Commerce recently raised awareness of business issues by hosting a Mayoral Candidates Forum on September 6th as part of the monthly Government Affairs meeting, sponsored by UMass Boston. Business topics addressed include: the Commercial Tax Rate, Promotion/Marketing of Brockton, Wastewater Facility, Water Rates, City Charter, Regional Leadership, Technology, Power Plant, Education, and more.

When asked about the commercial tax rate in Brockton, Bill Carpeneter stated “The commercial tax rate here in the city of Brockton is too high, it’s the highest one in the region, it’s regressive. It discourages businesses from locating in the city of Brockton, it encourages businesses to’s not going to happen overnight, that’s why I’ve put forth a blueprint for Brockton’s future.. we do have to make the streets of this city safer in order to encourage business to invest here.” On the same topic, Linda Balzotti commented, “I feel in the four years that I’ve been there, worked very well with the business community, been very open to the business community, listened to the business community, and done as much as I can in terms of helping businesses not only stay here, but come here.. I will absolutely continue to do that; I think the more businesses that come here, the more business that we have located here, obviously is going to help the tax situation of everyone, both business and residential homeowners. So I will continue to.. work towards the economic development that we need to help everybody.”

To watch the whole forum, recorded by Brockton Community Access Channel, visit our Chamber Videos section. City of Brockton Election Day is November 5, so be sure to make your vote count!

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