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The Brockton Water Commission recently held a hearing to consider a rate increase where Chamber president and CEO Christopher Cooney, CCE testified. Cooney requested a comprehensive strategic plan be developed by the commission with specific items such as efficiency measures and cost cutting analysis be made prior to any increase. Cooney said, “Brockton is well positioned to provide leadership in the areas of water and sewer for the entire region. A strategic plan to do so is in the best interest of current and future rate payers.” Cooney also addressed the six tiered rate structure that dissuades business from considering Brockton.

“The water and sewer capacity Brockton has is a tremendous asset, if managed more confidently and with a vision of regional strength, it could produce long range solutions to some of the region’s greatest challenges going forward,” said Christopher Cooney, Chamber President and CEO.  “Our future deserves a plan,” he said.
Cooney was not the only one in opposition of a rate increase. Mayor Bill Carpenter as well as the Commission’s newest member, Kate Archard, among others  advocated for the rates to remain. After voting to increase the tax rates the past two years, this year the commission voted to freeze the water/sewer rates through 2015.

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