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The recent rupture of the water main from Silver Lake to Brockton   left the city in a state of emergency; could this situation be avoided with a regionalized water/sewer system?

The Metro South Chamber of Commerce commissioned UMass Donahue Institute to conduct a regional water/sewer study for the Metro South region over the past year. The report was recently completed, and findings were summarized at the Chamber’s Annual Legislative Luncheon in April. Both advantages and disadvantages were addressed in the report.

“A  potential benefit of a shared water system is improved management of any potential water shortages in the future. This region has a long history of concerns over water bans and shortages. Although the lack of droughts in recent years, coupled with improved infrastructure and conservation have led to limited water shortages, local officials should still consider the long range water needs for the region.”

“Another important benefit from the creation of a regional water and/or sewer collaboration is the potential to access capital for operational, environmental, and infrastructural improvements. Additionally, “a potential benefit to a shared water system is the decreased capital and operating costs and prices through increased economies of scales.”

For more information on the full study, including recommendations and next steps, please contact Chamber CEO Christopher Cooney at 508.586.0500 x223.

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