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In the past decade, Brockton has experienced tremendous growth with over $178M in new investments from the city, entrepreneurs, and residential developers. The investments in modernizing the city’s infrastructure and over 1,000 new residential units have set the stage for a reinvigorated and vibrant downtown. This is an unprecedented opportunity to support the downtown. In forming the BID, it will strengthen downtown Brockton by creating a welcoming, attractive destination offering diverse cultural and entertainment options. A BID is designed to benefit every resident, visitor, business owner and employee who spends time in the district. By supporting the BID, you can help ensure a downtown that is the social and economic heart of the city. The BID helps people appreciate a commitment to working together to make downtown Brockton thrive.

Efforts are expected to focus on district services; beautification, maintenance & safety services, marketing & events, business development, and advocacy. To learn more, contact Mary Waldron (774) 539-8826. You may download the BID brochure and learn more here.

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