“Reesie’s Marvelous Hats” Opens Storefront in Stoughton Center

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On Friday, February 10th, Metro South community members gathered at Reesie’s Marvelous Hats to celebrate the new retail store. Previously an e-commerce business, Carla “Reesie” Smith took her hats on the road to many vendor expos before setting up a brick and mortar shop at 743 Washington Street in Stoughton. Carla is a certified life coach and was inspired to combine her work with her passion for hats. She owns and operates the first minority and woman-owned hat store in Massachusetts.

Carla names her hats based on how she wants the wearer to feel when they wear it. “Sensational, upbeat, stunning, radiant, resilience, and staggering” to name a few. Her goal as a life coach and fashion lover is to encourage folks to “Be That In A Hat” (her tagline). Be sensational, be upbeat, be stunning – in a hat!

“With my own adversity & being passionate to help others, I reinvented myself and combined my love of fashion and making people feel good into a hat business that inspires people to smile and ‘Be That In A Hat!’ “said Carla. Learn more at www.bethatinahat.com

View the full photo album: https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjArZM8

PC: Rich Morgan Photography

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