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What are the Creative Industries?

In Massachusetts, the creative industries include the many interlocking industry sectors that provide creative services or create and promote intellectual property products. The businesses (for-profit), organizations (not-for-profit) and individuals (sole proprietors) can be divided into the following categories:

Marketing                    Advertising and marketing agencies & professionals

Architecture                Architecture firms & architects

Visual Arts + Craft      Museums, galleries, curators, artists, artisans, & makers

Design                         Product, interior, graphic, and fashion design firms and designers

Film + Media              Film, animation, TV, & radio businesses, organizations, & talent

Digital Games             Companies, programmers, & individuals producing games

Music + Entertainment           Venues, theatres, producers, musicians & performers

Publishing                    Print or electronic businesses & content creator, editors, & writers


Supporting the Creative Industries

The Creative Economy Network working with the Creative Economy Industry Director for the state and is working to accelerate the economic growth of the Commonwealth’s creative industries across the Commonwealth.  The Network will help implement the Commonwealth’s Action Agenda to support and grow the state’s creative economy industries:

Business Development: Generate new opportunities for the businesses, organizations, and individuals working in the creative industries. Improve access to technical assistance, expertise, mentorship, and training for companies within the creative industries by bringing coherence and integration of the available resources.

Access to Capital: Increase access to direct financial support for creative industry organizations and businesses. Help coordinate trainings and mitigate barriers to access.

Visibility: Bring awareness and attention to the value and quality of the creative industries in Massachusetts. Develop opportunities to connect, feature, and highlight the creative industries through events, campaigns, and content generation in traditional and social media.

Talent: Develop connections to interns and college students within the creative industries. Generate initiatives for the creative industries to access and attract entry level, middle, and upper level talent.

Space: Survey the existing and developing convening, incubator, and working space resources available for the creative industries. Seek additional opportunities to support the development of additional space and recruit businesses to use the spaces.

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