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The Edison Business Incubator of the Metro South Chamber of Commerce Foundation provides below-market rental space for start-up and expanding micro-enterprises needing assistance inside the Metro South Chamber Office at 60 School Street in Brockton.  It was created in partnership with the Metro South Chamber of Commerce, the U.S. Small Business Administration, and SCORE. The Edison Business Incubator is managed by the Metro South Chamber of Commerce staff with oversight by the Chamber President.

Companies seeking to enter the Edison Business Incubator must have a business plan, the information requested in this application complete, and be able to demonstrate fiscal responsibility. If accepted by the Chamber, the applicant company will also provide:

1.  Certificate of $1,000,000 general liability insurance naming as additional
insured the Metro South Chamber of Commerce.
2.  The first and last month’s lease payment.
3.  Any additional financial or operational information requested by the Chamber.

Leases will be for a minimum period of one year, renewed annually.

The selected applicants will then be asked to provide a short presentation about the company to the Chamber staff. This presentation should be a minimum of four slides and a maximum of eight. As a guideline, the presentation should include the following:

  1. Who are you – Owners, Location, Revenues, Type of Company, etc.
  2. What market are you addressing – Size ($), number of customers, growth
  3. What is your product – Briefly describe your edge
  4. What is your plan for the EBI – Space needed, expected growth, other help (Marketing, Seminars)

The facility, located in the historic Thomas A. Edison Building in Brockton offers high-speed Internet access, as well as conference, meeting, and reception areas, and networking opportunities through the Chamber. Tenants in the Edison Business Incubator can also access the resources of the Metro South Business Assistance Center (Metro South BAC), a satellite office of the SBA, which offers counseling, workshops, computers, and a resource library. Presently, there are two tenants conducting operations in the incubator. The incubator is a direct outgrowth of the chamber’s mission to create jobs and improve the economic well being and quality of life of the Metro South region.

Funding for the project is provided from Bank of America, Sovereign Bank, Citizens Bank, Bridgewater Savings Bank, and the Community Bank. The incubator is named after Thomas Alva Edison, the famed inventor and entrepreneur, who built in 1883 the building in which the incubator is housed.


The purpose of Edison Business Incubator is to further enhance the services available from the Metro South Business Assistance Center. The incubator provides a stepping-stone for fledging businesses wishing to operate in a professional environment but not yet capable of supporting the substantial overhead costs associated with a prime urban location.
Studies show that 90% of businesses that start in an incubator will remain in business. Service businesses are the primary target of the Incubator and preference is given to clients of the Metro South Business Assistance Center, graduates of the Entrepreneurial Training program of the Center for Women & Enterprise, and clients of the Small Business Administration.

Services Available to Incubatees:
  • Photocopying and faxing facilities;
  • Conference rooms for meetings with outside guests-overhead projectors and other audio-visual equipment available;
  • Access to all training courses, seminars, consulting services, and business resource library available at Metro South Business Assistance Center;
  • Mailing center on the premises including daily pick-ups and deliveries by UPS, Federal Express, Express Mail and USPS;
  • Hospitality area including refrigerator, microwave, and complimentary coffee and spring water;
  • Notary Public on premises;
  • Access to ample parking;
  • High-speed Internet access.

For more information on the Edison Incubator Space, or to schedule an appointment to see the offices, please call (508) 586-0500.

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