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Dighton spans 22.4 square miles and is a water source for the Metro South region. Situated an hour’s drive to Boston and just minutes from the city of Providence. A “Right to Farm” community, Dighton has maintained its rural feel since being founded by agriculturalists. Dighton is a designated Green Community, proudly committing to enacting energy efficiency measures to reduce energy consumption.

Dighton, the geographic center of Bristol County, is also a rural economic center. It is the location of the Bristol County Agricultural High School and of the Dighton-Rehoboth Regional High School.

It is a mixture of suburban and rural settings with a strong industrial presence. Dighton has a full array of activities and services for its young people, including little league baseball, soccer, basketball, softball and tennis.

The town offers an excellent educational delivery system from its regional K-12 school district.

Dighton, which was named in honor of a woman, Frances Dighton Williams, was founded in 1712 as the southern precinct of the Town of Taunton and retains close regional ties with Taunton, Fall River, and Providence.

Town Clerk


Tax Rates

Residential: 13.94%
Commercial: 25.64%

Median Housing Price


Median Family Income




SAT® Scores:

Reading: 557

High School Plans

4-Year College: 74%

Public School Info

(508) 252-5000
Total Enrollment: 2472
Per Pupil Expenditure:

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