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Norwell MA Business and Community Guide

The Town of Norwell is a community of 11,000 located in Plymouth County, approximately twenty miles south of Boston along the picturesque North River. Norwell was originally settled in 1636 as part of Satuit (later Scituate), which encompasses present day Scituate and Norwell. Shipbuilding was a major industry of the town during the 1700’s and much of the 1800’s. Some of the finest sailing vessels in our nation’s history were produced in Norwell, including the Columbia, which was the first American ship to circumnavigate the globe. In 1849, the portion of Scituate now known as Norwell broke away from Scituate and was incorporated as South Scituate. In 1888, the town incorporated again as Norwell in recognition of Henry Norwell, a dry goods merchant and summer resident of the town who provided funds for the maintenance of its public roads.

Today, Norwell is an upper middle class community. Its high level of public services, amenities and geographical location have made it an attractive place to live for professional families. Its highly ranked school system is one reason many move to Norwell.

There are a number of recreational areas throughout the Town offering a variety of outdoor activities. These include; Valley Swamp and Stetson Meadows Conservation Land, the Albert F. Norris Reservation, Black Pond Natural Preserve, the North River Salt Marsh, Cuffey Hill Reservation, Miller Woods and the Donovan Property.

Town Clerk

Tax Rates

Residential: 15.29%
Commercial: 15.29%

Median Housing Price


Median Family Income




SAT® Scores:

Reading: 602

High School Plans

4-Year College: 82%

Public School Info

(781) 659-8800
Total Enrollment: 2153
Per Pupil Expenditure:

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